December 23, 2020

A Naughty Christmas Pudding

Edward and Margery remember the spice that once lit up their lives. But will they be caught in the act?

December 23, 2020

Elves on the Shelf

A (intentionally terrible) Christmas short written for's EuphOff: the Flash! Christmas Edition.


What really happens when we go to bed at night and the Elves on the Shelves get up to mischief?


June 14, 2020

Following Instructions

Some of us like being told what to do.

October 13, 2019


A mysterious stranger uses photography to make a connection.

October 8, 2019

Hell to Pay

Punishment in the graveyard...

September 28, 2019

Traffic Stop

A broken taillight leads to an interesting night.

July 18, 2019

The Tenant - 1941

Have you ever met someone that represented true desire for you?


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July 3, 2019

Eating Out

Short Erotic Fiction: What if you could act on the fantasies you have about those who serve you? 


For Adults Only (18+)

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